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American Community Survey data show that in Portland, just over 46% of Portlanders are renters. The saddest statistic about these renters is the fact that over half of Portland renters are considered rent-burdened, paying over 30% of their income on rent.  Whoever secures City Council Position number 3 needs to have a deep understanding of what renters face, be ready and willing to proactively tackle our unstable rental market, and be bold and unafraid. There is no time to waste. Sure, we absolutely have to build more units but we cannot ignore the immediate crisis Portland renters are facing - the rent is too damn high FOR MOST PORTLAND RENTERS and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down in our core rental market.


Commissioner Loretta Smith understands the bigger picture of renter protections in our greater housing market. She understands that Oregon’s economy is reliant on renters’ success and as a previous renter herself who shared her experiences of being housing unstable at a time, she understands the importance of renter households keeping a safe and stable roof over their heads. While Commissioner Smith did not secure an endorsement from CAT Action, we do believe that if elected, she will be supportive of hearing renters’ concerns and work to include their voices at tables designed to talk about these issues.


We recommend that renters spend time with Commissioner Smith to talk to her about your experiences in Portland’s rental market and protections that are important to you. We are confident that Commissioner Smith will carefully listen to your concerns and work to ensure renter voices are at the table.

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