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CAT Action Endorses JoAnn Hardesty for Portland City Council

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Community Alliance of Tenants Action Fund recommends Portland voters choose JoAnn Hardesty for Portland City Council

The latest American Community Survey data show that in Portland, just over 46% of Portlanders are renters. The saddest statistic about these renters is the fact that over half of Portland renters are considered rent-burdened, paying over 30% of their income on rent.  Whoever secures City Council Position number 3 needs to have a deep understanding of what renters face, be ready and willing to proactively tackle our unstable rental market, and be bold and unafraid. There is no time to waste. Sure, we absolutely have to build more units but we cannot ignore the immediate crisis Portland renters are facing - the rent is too damn high FOR MOST PORTLAND RENTERS and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down in our core rental market.


This is why Community Alliance of Tenants Action Fund adamantly supports JoAnn Hardesty for City Council Position 3. As a renter herself, JoAnn gets it. When we spoke with JoAnn about her plans to address Portland’s housing market, she communicated a long-term vision that supported individuals in their homes while at the same time benefiting all households in Oregon. She understands that a lack of tenant protections leaves households more vulnerable to homelessness. She understands that the relationship between landlords and tenants is extremely unbalanced but needs to be one that is healthy and of mutual benefit. She understands that we must create and pass bold legislation that tempers an out-of-control, unfair, and imbalanced rental market and she’s demonstrated that she is unafraid to do so. We are confident that not only will JoAnn support other commissioners who bring forth tenant protection ordinances, but will do her best to bring her colleagues along, and bring the voices of community members with her to pass tenant protections. JoAnn exhibits a sense of strength and balance, understanding that renter protections will have greater impact on our market and that we must be just as intentional as we are bold when crafting groundbreaking tenant protection legislation.


We strongly recommend that every renter in Portland throw their support behind JoAnn Hadesty for City Council Position 3. JoAnn is our strongest renter protections advocate in this race. We, as renters, can be assured that JoAnn will do her best to make sure we address our housing market in a very meaningful way addressing both short and long-term issues that made the housing crisis what it is today.

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