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CAT Action Endorses Eddy Morales for Gresham City Council


Community Alliance of Tenants Action Fund recommends Gresham voters choose Eddy Morales for Gresham City Council

Recent American Community Survey data show that 41% of Gresham citizens are renters. Approximately 66% of occupied rental housing units are rent-burdened - paying 30% or more of their income on rent. That is a staggering reality: most of Gresham’s renters are rent-burdened making unthinkable decisions between food, medicine, childcare, transportation, and housing. The other sad reality is that The City of Gresham has a history of showing resistance to affordable housing development and strong tenant protections for the last several years. It is not uncommon for renters to describe the frustration of hearing about the protections other renters in other cities have that they don’t have.


Eddy Morales, Gresham City Council Position 2 candidate, has received a full endorsement from Community Alliance of Tenants Action Fund. Eddy shows strength and promise in positioning the City of Gresham as a leader in addressing tenant protections and affordable housing with a focus on equitable outcomes. Eddy communicated a commitment to key issues around stabilizing rents, ensuring renters get a fair chance at keeping their housing to remedy issues they may be facing, and ensuring a robust stakeholder process with reasonable but strong expectations.


For these reasons Community Alliance of Tenants Action Fund recommends that renters in Gresham vote Eddy Morales for Gresham City Council Position #2. Renters in Gresham can be assured that Eddy Morales will do his absolute best to make sure renters in Gresham are protected with meaningful legislation. While few of his other colleagues have demonstrated the same commitment, we are confident that Eddy will work very hard to bring them along. We are also confident that Eddy will listen to renters’ concerns in a meaningful way, demanding action and processes that bring about the best possible solutions to Gresham’s rental crisis.

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