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(Political Advocacy)

We envision an Oregon where oppressive housing systems and practices aren’t the norm, perceived identity is no longer a predictor of housing stability and, our contribution to our economy is recognized for its inherent value.

To this end, Community Alliance of Tenants Action Fund engages in policy development in local, regional, and statewide jurisdictions in the State of Oregon. We work intimately with partners across the state to craft, advocate for, and support the implementation of policies that will help renters assert their visions for equitable, safe, stable, and affordable housing.


Our legislature failed renters in the 2017 legislative session. 2019, it's time to come back.

Stronger than ever.

2019 Oregon Legislative Session


CAT (C3) hears on the hotline and in program work that extremely subjective screening criteria results in many being denied housing.

Screening Criteria, Portland, OR


Groundbreaking policy that supports renters when involuntarily displaced due to rent-increases and no-cause evictions.

Relocation, Milwaukie, OR

Current Initiatives

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