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Relocation Assistance in the City of Milwaukie

When families are faced with sudden involuntary displacement, dipping into savings or going into massive debt are all-too-common stories. IN some cases, families aren't able to scrounge together money for multiple application fees, a security deposit and first and last-month's rent. As a result, some families end up doubled or tripled up with family members or friends, or worse.

The City of Portland passed a groundbreaking policy in 2016 that mandated that if a tenant was involuntarily displaced due to a rent-increase or a no-cause evictions or refused a lease renewal, they were entitled to relocation assistance to help with moving costs. 

The City of Milwaukie recently included relocation assistance as a policy goal in their recently released housing plan. CAT and CAT Action will continue working together with Stable Homes for Oregon Families in passing these needed protections for Milwaukie residents. See more covered in press items below.

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