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CAT Action is a 501(c)4 non profit organization that seeks to ensure that Oregon renters use their vision, voice, and votes to create long-range systems change. 

Started in January 2018, Community Alliance of Tenants Action Fund (CAT Action or CAT AF) is Oregon's first statewide tenant's rights political organization. 4 in 10 Oregonians are renters. If just a fraction of us come together on a unified agenda to balance Oregon's housing market with demands for stronger tenant protections, we will see the changes we wish to see for renters and all Oregonians. 

CAT AF's board is comprised of 100% renters and members who identify with multi-cultural communities, LGBTQ communities, and folks with disabilities. We believe that those of us closest to Oregon's biggest problems in Oregon's rental market, are the ones closest to our strongest solutions. 

It's sister organization, Community Alliance of Tenants is Oregon's oldest and only statewide tenant's rights 501(c)3 organization. It's mission is to educate and empower renters to demand safe, stable, and affordable housing. 


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